Any building that is damaged by water requires special attention to avoid mold explosion. Mold produce spores that spread easily through the air.

Mold can damage materials and your health if not taken care of quickly. The longer an affected area is left un treated and the longer and harder the clean up. Many home insurance policies do not cover mold damage or mold remediation costs.

Don’t Delay Cleanup and Drying on a Water Damaged Building

  • Contact a professional mold remediation company to do the work
  • Clean up and drying process can reduce the risk of exposing people to mold
  • Keep area ventilated to exhaust air to the outdoors
  • A professional will discard and remove any moldy materials and disinfect area.

Seeing or smelling mold is a troubled sign that must be addressed. Trying to clean it is insufficient and not enough to fully eliminate it. The moisture that is causing the mold has to be found and eliminated.

At Alliance Environmental Group ,Inc environmental division specializes in mold removal.
Alliance Environmental will develop a remediation plan to know which method to use and the best way to get rid of the mold.

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