Whether you are a property manager, general contractor, or restoration company, there are numerous items to consider when choosing an abatement subcontractor. Below is a list of questions to review when selecting your abatement provider.

1. Are they licensed?

Not every state requires licensure to perform asbestos abatement, but many do. To verify a California company is licensed and that their license is current, you can plus in their DOSH number on this website. Having a properly licensed service provider ensures the work will be done correctly and legally.

2. How will I know the job was done right?

Asking your fellow contractors for a reference is a great first step. But you should also ask your abatement contractor regarding third party clearance testing. Clearance testing will provide the customer with documentation once the work is complete. Since the testing is through a third party, you can ensure their results are unbiased. This information should go into their written contract provided by the subcontractor with any fees associated with proving to your satisfaction that the materials have been effectively removed or contained should be included in their proposal. Make sure the provider and the customer mutually agree as to how those results will be provided.

Not only does the abatement need to be handled correctly, but also the transportation of the disposal. The abatement contractor will also provide the customer a copy of the manifest for where the asbestos was disposed. Keeping this documentation as well as the clearance results ensures a safe removal of the hazardous material.
While it may be tempting to deal with an asbestos problem yourself, don’t. Aside from the health hazards, you will also be breaking the law. There are numerous EPA regulations regarding asbestos remediation and abatement, and licensure requirements in many states, as well. The cost of trying to “save” on this important procedure may end up being more than you bargained for including large fines or jail time.

3. What training do they have?

Training ensures that your subcontractor understands the local, state, and federal regulations that apply to asbestos abatement, and that they know how to do the work as safely and thoroughly as possible. This is especially important in California, as the state regulations are far stricter than the Federal regulations.
In addition to properly preparing the contractor to do the job safely, training increases the likelihood they’ll complete it quickly – an important factor to consider when you may have to leave a building or wait to occupy it until the job is done.

Alliance Environmental Group provides licensed abatement work and has a highly trained team to safely remove the asbestos in your home or business. With 20 years of experience, we are trained to practice proper removal through site decontamination and lawful disposal. Our labor team as well as project managers are trained at our internal, hands-on training facilities located in San Diego, Azusa, and Santa Clara. Our team is trained by in-house OSHA approved trainer, who can also provide hand-on training to your team for educational purposes. We also have an active Quality Control program that visits job sites and provides monthly safety reminders for our team. As a licensed and certified abatement company, we can ensure a safe removal of the lead based paint. Call 877-683-9244 to set up an appointment at one of our local training centers.