Alliance Environmental Group, a leading environmental contractor, has launched a new Team Heat truck. The updated truck wrap highlights success Alliance Environmental Group has had using heat for bedbug eradication and structural pasteurization.

Alliance’s Heat Team completed more heat treatment work than any other company in the state of California – over 160 jobs per month! Our crews are comprised of experienced technicians in the field who use a non-chemical, non-toxic alternative to the harsh chemicals used in fumigation.

As you can see, the new truck wraps display “Team Heat” in order to remain discreet for your neighborhood or business. Our equipment can reach up to 30 flights and can be powered by our generators.

Technicians remain on-site during the entire process to monitor heat levels. The process is documented in real-time with computer logged temperatures which can be provided to the customer.

About Alliance Environmental

With more than 75 years of experience, Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. is one of the leading environmental contractors in California. Alliance Environmental provides innovative solutions in the areas of asbestos, lead, and mold abatement; air and HVAC duct cleaning; heat treatment for pest control; structural pasteurization; demolition and emergency response. The company has successfully completed more than 100,000 remediation projects in California and surrounding areas. For more information, go to