Mold is not only found in common places like in residential homes or in schools. A fire station in San Jose will be closed because mold was found inside.

Mold was found about nine months ago and will be closed for about 6-8 months. Mold grew because of recent rain around the area. Due to the mold growing in the living area of the fire station, fire fighters will have to be stationed elsewhere.

How Can Mold Affect Public Places?

When mold affects public places likes a fire station, it can cause a huge impact. For instance, the fire station will be closed for half of the year and can impact the response time when there is an emergency.

In addition, when people are exposed to high volumes of mold spores, individuals can develop allergies, respiratory problems and congestion. If you begin to see any wet areas dry the area quickly to avoid any mold problems.

If you begin to spot signs of mold during any time, contact a mold remediation company and they will help clean and disinfect your home. Alliance Environmental has been helping many achieve cleaner and healthier environments for 25 years. If you have any questions regarding any mold services, contact us and we can be of assistance.

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