According to Allianz, a financial services company, there has been a recent spike in bedbugs for animal insurance claims. U.S. claims involving bed bugs has increased 50% between 2014 and 2015. These findings analyzed more than 100,000 corporate liability claims from roughly over 100 countries totaling $9.3 billion. Of these claims, 1,880 United State animal-related business liability claims represented 2% of all commercial claims.

The top contender for bedbugs in the commercial claims department is hotels. They typically file claims to reimburse their guests who brought bedbugs home after their stay in the hotel. According to Allianz, commercial bedbug claims average $5,660.

Animal claims in general increased 28% between 2011 and 2015, with an average liability claim equaling $10,400 – a whopping $20 million for animal-related claims! Accounting for 21% of U.S. business liability claims, bedbugs are becoming an increasingly problem year after year. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. While one of the most common methods of elimination includes pesticides, bedbugs have developed a resistance and adapted to become prone to the chemical treatments.

Alliance Environmental Group provides an alternative to the chemical pesticide treatments. ThermaPureHeat is a method that includes bringing in electrical or propane heaters to heat the inside of the affected area(s). Unlike the chemical treatments, bedbugs cannot adapt to heat – the high temperatures kill the eggs as well so there is typically no need for multiple visits. The idea is to turn the room or home into a giant dryer – holding temperatures between 130 and 150 degrees for a few hours. There is very little prep involved and can usually be completed in one working day. Bedbug infestations are a growing issue, but Alliance Environmental Group can help eliminate your bedbug problems today. For a free estimate on your commercial or residential property, call (877) 858-6220 today.


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