We have just commenced with the penultimate month of the year, and we have a lot to be thankful for. November marks National Gratitude month. As we move ahead with our daily lives and routines, we should be reminded of the importance of Thanksgiving and giving back. In chronological order, November 11 is Veterans Day. We acknowledge the Veterans and those that have selflessly served to keep us safe. Next up, during November, we celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13. No act of kindness is too small. Small Business Saturday is also a significant occasion. We highlight the impact that small and medium enterprises make on the economy, not just in California or neighboring states but also on the country. We culminate November with Giving Tuesday, which illustrates the need to make a difference to our communities and society through philanthropic and charitable efforts.

Most of all, we are thankful to you, our customers. We are grateful for allowing us to serve your needs. We will continue to aim for and deliver total client satisfaction by exceeding your expectations!

In this edition of the newsletter, we look at welcoming our latest acquisition, Thermatech Northwest Inc., to the ever-growing list of companies that have joined the ranks at Alliance Environmental Group. Based out of Tacoma, Washington, Thermatech is the newest member of the Alliance Environmental Group of Companies.

Hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s) constitute a significant health concern, and infection prevention is a priority in healthcare facility environments. Patient safety is of paramount importance, and proper procedures should be followed to ensure contamination doesn’t materialize, leading to hazardous conditions for patients in hospitals. Coast Environmental are leaders in providing best practices are followed to mitigate these risks.

In keeping with National Gratitude Month and the spirit of giving, Alliance Environmental Group is once again proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities in San Diego for their annual fundraising drive and event. Due to the devastating impact of the pandemic, there is a need for hospitalized children to be close to their families. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego could use the support to do so.

Mintie has also had a legacy in providing the best solutions for indoor air quality management. Mintie has focused on leading the industry with innovative products and the highest quality services to offer clients safer, healthier, and more productive environments with minimal disruption and the highest levels of satisfaction and effectiveness. As part of their continued innovation, Mintie has launched a nationwide rental program for their products division.

The final topic of this newsletter focuses on illegal drug decontamination and, most notably, meth lab cleanup. November 30, 2021, is National Meth Awareness Day and the ongoing concern of addiction and abuse on families and communities is a concern. Ever since the pandemic has unfolded, meth labs seem to have increased. Alliance Environmental’s Biohazard division has trained teams to handle this volatile situation through the proper remediation and contamination methods allowing property managers to have peace of mind if these issues were to arise.

Enjoy the read and have a genuinely Gratifying November!

Alliance Environmental Group, LLC Acquires Thermatech Northwest Inc. by Alliance Environmental

Alliance Environmental Group has made the first foray into Washington State with the recent acquisition of Thermatech Northwest Inc. In recent years, Alliance Environmental Group has expanded across the West with locations in Nevada and Arizona, and now through this acquisition, has entered Washington State. Washington State has always been on the horizon, and this new development further entrenches the regional presence of Alliance Environmental Group. Thermatech Northwest is a leading environmental remediation and demolition contractor to Western Washington homes and businesses, with projects throughout the Greater Seattle and Tacoma region. The company has extensive experience in asbestos and lead abatement, interior demolition, mold remediation, and infection control.

Thermatech Northwest Inc. is a leader in providing cost-effective solutions for hazardous waste materials. The company prides itself on offering our clients the highest quality of service and professionalism, emphasizing responsiveness and immediate corrective action. Thermatech Northwest stays current with the newest guidelines, procedures, equipment, and regulations that affect people, properties, and the environment. Each member of the Thermatech staff is extensively trained and certified to render safe and compliant environmental services that leave the customer completely satisfied. Thermatech Northwest has the workforce, equipment, and experience to protect you and your environment from the danger posed by hazardous materials. We can successfully meet your legal, health, and safety requirements using the most up-to-date equipment, advanced OSHA, WISHA, EPA protocols, fully qualified technicians, and AHERA Certified Building Inspectors. Thermatech Northwest completes remediation projects that are large and small, public and private, routine and demanding. The team at Thermatech has professional customer support backed by a diverse group of professionals who bring a unique blend of experience to even the most challenging projects.

Alliance Environmental Group would like to welcome Thermatech Northwest Inc. to the family of brands and companies!

Infection Prevention Through Care of the Healthcare Environment


Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) remain a significant source of concern for healthcare facilities of all types and sizes. While there has been much work to bring down the infection rates, there’s more to be done. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that, on any given day, one of every 31 hospital patients suffers from at least one HAI.

Particulate matter and contaminants such as microbes and fungi are ubiquitous in the natural environment. It proliferates within a wide range of temperatures, particularly in humid conditions. Certain fungi, called thermophilic opportunistic fungi, proliferate at temperature conditions found within the human body. These opportunistic fungi cause Hospital-acquired fungal (mold) infections within immunocompromised patients. Exposure wouldn’t usually cause health problems for the average person, but it can be hazardous to hospital patients with weakened immune systems or undergoing invasive procedures.

The challenge here is that, because mold is a part of all environments, both indoors and outdoors, it’s virtually impossible to create a space where there are no mold spores. As a result, hospitals will have a low incidence of fungal infections that are considered typical or expected, and it’s important to know what is typical for their environment. The prevalence of these infections is based on the inherent risk of clinical practice, specific procedures, and immunosuppressant medications.

Since microbe contaminants are found in most environments, you might expect pretty stringent requirements to reduce this risk in critical areas. However, clinicians and infection prevention personnel are often surprised to discover that, under the code requirements, operating rooms are not even required to have HEPA filters that can capture these complex airborne particles.

Familiar sources and pathways of mold that cause fungal infections in hospitals include Construction and renovation activities, particularly demolition processes, which can disturb contaminated building materials or soil that harbors mold spores. Water damage, stagnant water, or high humidity conditions create an environment that supports microbial growth. HVAC systems can support the growth of these particulate matter within the system itself or move microbial spores from the outdoor air inside. People’s clothes and shoes, supplies, and equipment brought into space from outside or an area that does not follow cleaning protocols can carry mold spores into or through critical spaces.

Recently, a hospital in the Western Region of the U.S. had a significant issue from a deadly outbreak of microbial matter in the form of Aspergillus. Fourteen patients have been infected from this location since 2001, and 6 of these patients ended up losing their lives.

Review HVAC air conveyance systems and associated ductwork drawings and diagrams. While donning proper personal protective equipment (PPE), perform a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the HVAC air conveyance system and associated ductwork, registers/vents, motors, coils, and filters. Use a video borescope camera if necessary, and take digital pictures. Document and log any observations, even if the ductwork “looks clean.”

It is crucial to perform best practices for duct sanitizing and disinfection, ensuring that all the necessary precautions and proper cleaning procedures are adhered to concerning the HVAC system.

Initially test and inspect for any air leakage, VOCs, particulates, and metal seam issues on ducts. Perform pre- and post-surface swab sampling of the HVAC air conveyance systems and associated ductwork, registers/vents, motors, coils, and filters. The pre-surface swab sampling may identify any hazardous substances and hazardous particulates. Perform pre- and post-air sampling of the project area. These samplings will help identify and isolate specific systems and affected areas, along with any dangerous substances and particulates. Use environmental controls and infection control risk assessment protocols to contain and separate the cleaning and disinfecting project. This set of protocols includes setting up HEPA air scrubbers, negative air machines, and containment barriers while using a particulate counter and air pressure monitor. Implement ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging using a non-acidic, non-chlorine-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered virucide, biocide, and fungicide disinfectant. This disinfectant should be used outside and inside ductwork, on registers/vents, motors, coils, and the entire project area to inactivate any viral aerosols. For efficacy, allow a minimum 10-minute dwell time on surfaces or follow the dwell time per the virucide label. Clean the interior ductwork surfaces from larger dust and particulates, using HEPA vacuuming, roto brushing, air whipping, and mechanical cleaning. Interior fiberglass-lined ductwork requires specialized attention and cleaning to prevent fiber damage and release.

Visually inspect to avoid recontamination. On metal interior ductwork, registers/vents, motors, and coils, clean and disinfect using a non-acidic, nonchlorine-based, EPA-registered virucide, biocide, and fungicide disinfectant. For efficacy, allow a minimum 10-minute dwell time on surfaces or follow the dwell time per the virucide label. Lastly, replace and install new HEPA filters. Ductless mini-split systems may have a washable filter. It is best to vacuum (with HEPA filter) the air conveyance unit and disinfect the washable filter, often with an EPA-registered virucide, biocide, and fungicide disinfectant. For efficacy, allow a minimum 10-minute dwell time on surfaces, or follow the dwell time per the virucide label.

Coast Environmental continuously strives to set the industry standard by providing safe, efficient, high-quality services. We offer a rational approach and proportionate recommendations to meet Joint Commission standards. We offer a fair estimate on every proposal without the hidden costs of expensive & inexperienced repairs from low-cost inspections.

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Alliance Environmental Group Partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego Dinner With Friends


Dinner With Friends is back in person on November 6!

We are so excited to welcome our friends back for this special Del Sur Ranch House event! Please join us for music, small bites, drinks, and live & silent auctions, all for a beautiful cause. We hope you will help us continue to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego to help keep families near their hospitalized child when they need it most.

Please purchase your early-bird tickets today before prices increase on October 15.

This year’s theme is “College Night

We’ll be kicking it old school, sporting our alma mater’s sweatshirts, and preparing for a tailgate party at a NEW location: Del Sur Ranch House.

This event operates on a $0 budget, which means that 100% of the money raised goes directly to RMHCSD!! RMHC provides a home-away-from-home for families of children being treated for severe, often life-threatening illness or injury at Rady Children’s Hospital or other local hospitals.

Families with hospitalized children have found a “home away from home” at San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House for forty years. Their 56-room House and Family Care Center typically houses 1,000 families a year and offers day services to an additional 12,000 people.

Throughout COVID-19, they’ve continued to serve as a critical safety net of care for the most seriously ill children and their families. They are working closely with their hospital partners and have put in place rigorous protocols to ensure the health and safety of families and their medically fragile children.

They are accommodating families with the most urgent need and providing lodging, meals, and school programs. They’ve adapted meal service so that families not staying with them may pick up meals at their front door during their child’s hospitalization. They have developed a comprehensive four-phase plan for expanding program offerings according to the progress of COVID-19.

Mintie Announces Nationwide Rental Program for Award-Winning Lineup of Indoor Environmental Products


MINTIE LLC, an Alliance Environmental Group Company, has announced a new nationwide program that will enable customers to rent its award-winning lineup of indoor environmental products. These include MINTIE’s mobile Environmental Containment Unit (ECU4) and the VIRUSKILLER® air decontamination units, according to James M. Mintie, MINTIE LLC Executive Vice President. The Azusa, Calif.-based company provides indoor air quality management, preventative maintenance solutions, portable containment products for airborne particulates, infection control, and bio-security.

MINTIE’s new rental platform allows contractors and facilities to rent on a JIT basis based on demand and the particular product requirement for each project. The company established the rental program due to a dramatic increase in job-to-job on-demand flexibility for its customers, which includes leading companies in health care, long-term care, entertainment, special events, and commercial-industrial sectors. MINTIE provides white glove delivery, set-up, and service of every indoor air purification product.

The rental platform allows contractors and facilities to rent on a JIT basis based on demand and the particular product requirement for each project. In addition, healthcare facilities have minimal space for long-term storage of these types of products. Of particular right now – customers throughout the West looking for negative air machines and air purification options during the fire season. We are also renting our VIRUSKILLER air purification units into the entertainment space. For example, feature films, concerts, and sporting events. In addition, the option to rent vs. having to tap into capital funds.

MINTIE’s state-of-the-art mobile ECU4 is the latest generation of the industry-leading ECU product line modular, collapsible, and provides portable containment for temporary isolation during regular facility operation or a public health emergency. The ECU4 is also vital for any facility to contain airborne particulates during work in sensitive healthcare and office building environments.

Unlike other containment solutions, the ECU4 offers several advantages and benefits. The unit is lighter Weight, has better Visibility, and is more portable. The smaller footprint makes it easier to transport and store. These containment units are more affordable with a faster return on investment. The ECU4’s are more durable and are easier to clean the rip-stop poly fabric. The modular capability allows the combination of more units & accessories. The structure is more flexible to fit smaller openings. Lastly, Mintie sets the benchmark by being the first in the industry to offer a disposal envelope that enhances cleanliness and ease of use to prevent against contamination from aerosol contaminants.

Developed to meet the 2003 SAR-CoV epidemic head-on, VIRUSKILLER is the world’s most awarded clean air technology. The three-stage filtration system and the hydroxyl radical generator filter out “dirty air,” neutralize “toxic air,” and decontaminate “sick air.” A single-pass removes particulates, dust, pollen, VOCs, gases, fumes, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi up to 99.9999 percent.

The award-winning VIRUSKILLER lineup includes five products that provide air purification from the desktop to large areas up to 1,776 square feet. Each VIRUSKILLER unit has been proven and tested to control airflow, optimize decontamination in the breathing space, deactivate viruses and bacteria with unequaled efficiency, and effectively neutralize harmful gases and larger particles such as dust dander and other allergens.

Contact Mintie to find out more about their Rental Program

Benefits of an Illegal Drug Decontamination Service


Illegal drug decontamination is crucial after drug-related incidents or drug use within a space and should be performed by a verified illegal drug decontamination company.

Property owners that require illegal drug decontamination should always hire professionals and consider the benefits that an expert team can offer, such as legal qualifications, insurance coverage, effective and efficient work, experience, health protection, and professionalism. Here is an explanation about some of the most vital factors to consider when hiring an illegal drug decontamination service.

What is an Illegal Drug Contamination Service?
Illegal drug decontamination is removing drugs, their traces, and sometimes damages from a property. An illegal drug decontamination service is a licensed and professional service that provides its clients with effective unlawful drug decontamination measures. It ensures they are protected from legal issues as well as health and safety problems. Government bodies regulate illegal drug decontamination services, and individuals without qualifications cannot provide the service.

Legal Qualifications
An illegal drug decontamination service has the critical benefit of legal qualifications. Individuals and businesses which own property may be liable to lawsuits, criminal charges, and threats to safety if drug-related contamination is dealt with inappropriately or illegally. For example, if traces of an illegal drug are not completely removed, they will pose health and safety threats that the property owner is at fault for should injury to someone on the property occur. Hiring illegal drug decontamination services removes the responsibility from the property owner to the accredited service and thus allows them to avoid legal concerns. Any client who wishes to prevent destructive legal issues should immediately contact an illegal drug decontamination service when there has been an incident on their property.

Another essential benefit to hiring an illegal drug decontamination service is that they are insured. Drug decontamination can put individuals, equipment, and property at risk when not performed correctly and without adequate insurance coverage. Any qualified decontamination service will have comprehensive insurance to protect persons, equipment, and property from any expensive damages. Hiring an illegal drug decontamination service is the smart financial choice for clients who don’t want large, unexpected expenses following a cleanup.

Effective Decontamination
Moreover, an illegal drug decontamination service will perform its job effectively. Drug-related contamination is a severe threat, as some drugs can cause permanent or fatal damage to a person with a mere trace of contact. Hiring a qualified service is the only means of ensuring that the job is done correctly. Individual property owners do not possess the appropriate equipment or knowledge to combat decontamination effectively.

Expert Teams
Illegal drug decontaminations feature expert teams that are highly trained and qualified. Many decontamination services have a decade or more of experience, which is crucial in any field with such present dangers. Unless a client has years to spend studying, investing in equipment, and licensing themselves and others, they cannot manage decontamination independently. An expert team is required for illegal drug decontamination because it is a precise and delicate matter that must not be handled flippantly.

Clients also appreciate the benefit of efficiency when hiring an illegal drug decontamination service. A vetted decontamination service has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to perform a decontamination job with both quality and speed, allowing clients to return to their property uses as quickly as possible. Without a reliable decontamination service, there will undoubtedly be many hurdles, setbacks, and damages which waste time and cause stress for the property owner. Hiring an illegal drug decontamination service is always the efficient solution.

Health and Safety Protections
Health and safety are a priority for many clients. However, property owners often put themselves, their loved ones, or their employees at risk when they delay or attempt to avoid hiring an illegal drug decontamination service. Unlicensed individuals or groups do not have the correct protective equipment, safety measures, or training to complete a decontamination job. Drug-related contamination is a biohazard that results far too frequently in permanent injury or death for those that neglect to take it seriously.

An illegal drug decontamination service knows how to protect themselves and others who interact with the property safely by taking the ethical approach to decontamination and hiring professionals to do the job.

Clients can also expect an illegal drug decontamination service to act professionally, which is essential during difficult situations. Drug-related incidents can provoke stress, anxiety, or upset for property owners. Hiring a professional team takes the burden off of clients and allows them to recover. A professional decontamination service will conduct themselves sensitively and communicatively towards their clients and jobs, which is crucial for delicate situations.

Environmentally Safe
Illegal drug decontamination, when done improperly, can have destructive impacts on the surrounding environments and ecosystems. Drug-related contaminants must be disposed of safely for both individual people and the environment. Without appropriate decontamination methods, contaminants can poison water supplies, kill the plant and animal wildlife, and have long-term consequences for local ecosystems.

An illegal drug decontamination service will work closely within local environmental regulations and dispose of decontaminations at the correct facilities, leaving nothing behind which can harm the environment.

Overall, there are various crucial reasons for clients to hire an illegal drug decontamination service. Some benefits provided by illegal drug decontamination services include legal qualifications, insurance, effective and efficient decontamination, expertise, health and safety protections, and professionalism. Any property owner facing drug-related contamination should immediately search for a reputable and certified decontamination service.
An illegal drug decontamination service knows how to protect themselves and their clients from health and safety risks both during and after the decontamination process. Every client should keep

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